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Hubstaff services are down

Aug 23 at 08:21pm EDT
Affected services
Hubstaff Website
Hubstaff Dashboard
API & Mobile
Hubstaff Tasks
Hubstaff Talent

Aug 23 at 09:09pm EDT

Our services appear to be back up. The upstream provider is still reporting issues. But that may just be a delay in them updating their status.

Aug 23 at 08:48pm EDT

We are still waiting for our service provider to resolve the issue.

Aug 23 at 08:21pm EDT

An infrastructure provider we rely on to deliver our services (Heroku & Cloudflare) is having an outage. This is causing our websites to be unreachable. We will update this message in 30 min increments.

Time you are tracking will not be lost. It will be uploaded once our services are fully operational.